20 May 2013

Mediocrity Rant

Just to be clear to those who can't understand this: tolerance of peer mediocrity does not increase with skill level. The worst is when people actually choose mediocrity over excellence. Especially when excellence is readily available.

15 November 2011

Regular Roads

Just in case it's not self explanatory, this map depicts the roads I drive along weekly, and how much I use them. The thicker and lighter the road, the more I use it. If I travel on a road an average of less than one times a week, I have not included it on the map. I also haven't included city roads on the map, as they don't really fit into the space I have available, here. But other than that, this is basically everywhere I go in a week. My life exists (mainly) around these roads. And as I made this image, I was shocked to realize how contained my day-to-day experience of the world actually is.

It seems that my travels hover between work, church and my fiancé's, and all these places are within twenty minutes of my home. It really makes me wonder what my friend's Regular Roads maps would look like. And then wonder about the equivalent maps of other cultures and countries. But these are some wonderings for some other time. A good wondering for now might be trying to work out which roads are which, since I didn't name any of them.

11 October 2011

The Universal Work Planner

Whether you're studying for exams, completing homework or polishing your shoes, this diagram is right for you. Too long has the world needed a Universal Work Planner that accurately describes the actions that must take place in any given work situation. So stop sitting on your bed deciding what to do about cleaning your cupboard, and use this perfectly crafted resource to give you a solution.
Note that this planner applies to all possible instances of work-related activity. No example of work can be found that breaks the functionality of this diagram. So don't try.

30 August 2011

Basketing Balls

Yesterday I finished my first ever season of basketball. Previous to this, basketball and I have had quite a sour relationship for more than a few reasons, but at the opportunity of playing alongside friends I cast this baggage behind me to give it a go. This timeline shows simply when I scored goals, committed fouls and shared a victory during our season. As it was my first run at the sport, there isn't all that many of said events, however I assure you I was at least helping out the team in other, less recordable ways. Next season, there will be a million more of everything.

16 August 2011

Word of the Rings

Perhaps it is worthwhile noting that I have not included most verbs, adjectives, pronouns and the like in this graph of words used throughout the entire Lord of the Rings film trilogy script. Otherwise, these are the most commonly spoken words by characters in the Lord of the Rings. I hope it is obvious that the bigger the word is, the more often it is spoken throughout the movies. If this is not so, then complain in a comment on this post and I will try to feel sorry for you.